Saturday, December 04, 2004

sex and the city and me

Read this as if I wrote it on dec. 3. actually, I started at 11:59 PM so technically, it counts as dec. 3.

today, classes were suspended because everyone was expecting super typhoon yoyong to hit ground around nine last night. I guess almost everyone was expecting heavy rains, strong winds and flooded streets upon waking up. And who wouldn't?! I mean, after hearing about 240 kph windspeed and seeing all those video footages, it won't hurt a bit to expect the worst. But when I woke up, I couldn't hear the fury of the wind nor the violent sound of raindrops as they hit the earth. And when my mom called, she informed me that she heard the weather was a taking a positive turn which was not totally unexpected, uh-huh.

I went downstairs and saw apacible street still a bit wet but the wind was not howling. In fact, it wasn't blowing the way it used to the other night. A few minutes later, the street was starting to dry up. I looked at the clouds and still saw no sun, just dark heavy clouds.

Around two in the afternoon, I left the dorm and to my surprise and delight, saw the sun slowly fighting its way through the clouds. I think I smiled, couldn't very well remember but I think I did. I crossed the street and walked my way to the mall ala carrie bradshaw. That is, the confidence of carrie bradshaw. Forget about the outfit. I wasn't wearing anything as gorgeous as what carrie often wears. And oh, no high heels. As much as I know I could pull that one off if I willed myself to do it, I did not wear any high heels. In fact, I was in rubber shoes. Comfort first?! Well, for one, this is not new york city. Second, I will be walking along taft and padre faura. just look at the pavement I am to walk on. Not very friendly to high heels, trust me. I walked peacefully, not minding all the other people around me. I was just thinking about the fact that the sun actually managed to shine through all those clouds and I would be walking with ease since there is no rain to wet me and the wind was blowing just fine, no howling. Nothing like that.

Like new york city during the rush hour where no one cares about anyone else and foot traffic is very much a big problem, taft avenue has its share of foot traffic problems. There was this kid whom I almost bumped into because he so carelessly and unintentionally (I'd prefer to believe it this way) cut my path. I swear that if my brain was flying farther than it was, I would have bumped the kid, stumbled and fell face flat on taft avenue! And as if thinking that the red light lasts forever, the kid seemed to be horsing around (he walked to the left then back to the right) and he really (o how do I put this nicely?) managed to stimulate some of my facial muscles to lift one eyebrow up. (whew!)

But nothing could and should ruin my day and dampen my newfound spirit (carrie's that is). I continued my walk and when I reached the Supreme Court, started thinking about Miranda and how would it feel like to work in a firm and work your way up to becoming a partner then a senior partner and eventually, put up your own law firm.

I walked on and saw a couple approaching and I suddenly remembered Smith, Samantha's oh-so-sweet boyfriend. Anyone who's seen the episode last Tuesday would absolutely agree with me! Hell yeah! Smith is just so adorable because he is so supportive and he truly cares about Samantha and oh crap, he's what one cynic would call 'too good to be true.'

So when does charlotte enter the picture? I really don't know. I arrived at the mall and met gil already and still nothing to remind me of charlotte. Hmm, looking back. The first thing gil and I did was to buy groceries to give as donations. Well, charlotte always had this soft spot and umm, I dunno. There's something else I could mention but if I do, I would spoil it for those who haven’t seen the entire last season of SATC.

I had pizza with friends but we weren't a group of four and not all girls so no connection. Hmph.

As for the other characters......a, never mind!

There you have it, sex and the city and me!

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Friday, December 03, 2004

hair yesterday, gone today, what about tomorrow?!

Ok..ok.. I've heard it a couple of times, it is absolutely normal to lose a hundred strands of hair a day. I don't know if I am losing my hair normally or not. It's not like I walk around with a plastic bag full of hair with a post-it attached saying: last count, 67 strands, 3:47 PM. But what I do know is that falling hair is one of my top five body concerns. I just can't stand it when I see hair strands on my comb, especially when I see how wide the saces are between my comb's teeth and how big those teeth actually are. I've always told my Dad about my pitiful hair condition and he shrugs it off by saying, "Ang kapal pa nga ng buhok mo." That statement comforts me but only for an hour or so or until I see another fallen strand on my shoulder.

My parents swear that I was born gifted with a head full of thick, healthy hair. And I have baby pictures to prove that! So, what the hell is wrong with my hair?

Hmm, stress?!? I've heard and I think read somewhere that stress could cause falling hair. I've pointed all accusing fingers at stress. I've blamed sleepless nights and tension endlessly. And believe me, it feels great to actually blame some phenomenon especially when you yourself know that there's nothing much you could do about it since stress is practically a part of life, a med student's life to be very specific.

Genetic factors maybe?! Highly probable but I am still clinging to the idea that I am way too young to start losing this much hair.

Super sensitive scalp?! Could be too. I have super sensitive skin and since the scalp is skin then...You go do the logical analysis.

Thinking about the possible reasons why I am suffering from falling hair just makes me feel bad. So, let me just focus on what I could do to reduce my falling hair.

I've tried that Pantene shampoo and even though a lot of people I know swear by the effectiveness of the product, I don't have any plans of using it for a whole two months unless I want to be bald in a week or two. The moment I used that shampoo, I believe my condition worsened. I tried it for a week I think but I didn't detect any progress at all. Well maybe, the product really works but it just takes some time but I don't have the guts to sacrifice what is left of my hair. All I was looking for was a small hint of progress but there was none so I quit.

There is this shampoo, Regrow. I also tried it and the effects were also disheartening. I kept on losing my hair and I think I lost more than what I normally do.

I've tried Johnson's baby shampoo with wheat germ that makes hair stronger (the label says so). I stopped. End of story.

Now, I use Lux. Sometimes, Sunsilk. In a week, I'm going back to Ivory. I figured I can't stay on using the same shampoo for a very long time since my hair suddenly reacts violently and it goes all limp and starts falling in huge numbers.

Oh, I can't even let my hair grow long because it would be too unhealthful for it. What's even worse is, I can't use a conditioner frequently because it increases my falling hair. Just today, I used a conditioner and you should have seen the look on my face when I saw all the strands of hair that are now not part of my head. The same thing happens when I try a do-it-yourself hot oil treatment. Sigh.

I hope you wouldn't think I am a desperate psycho for going as far as blaming the water for my falling hair. Could it be that the tap water here in Manila contains too much chemicals, chlorine maybe? I thought of this because whenever I'm in Cotabato, my hair is not like this, far from this even. It doesn't look limp and I don't experience severe falling hair.

I've seen on TV how Dermclinic treats falling hair. There are times when I really seriously think about trying the treatment but I also chicken out because somewhere at the back of my mind, there’s a whisper: What if it gets worse? Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

If worse comes to worse, there's one option though that I am really going to try, without a hint of any second thoughts: hair transplant. Read: IF WORSE COMES TO WORSE.

BUT! Bwahahahaha. *super evil laugh* Look at my hair now. During the sembreak, I decided to put highlights! Well, if there's no easy way of getting rid of my condition.............I might as well go on and have fun! *innocent smile*

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

a packed wednesday

the parade: fun. especially after having all those pictures taken. we definitely are not camera shy! just pop up a cam and the imed people will swarm in front of you. ahhh, that's a good way of gathering the imed (both 2010 and 2011). i must say, we looked cute with our 2010 crowns. snaps for kathy because the crowns were her idea. and i loved my spongebob necktie and so did a couple of people. wahaha! louie was of course, the day's biggest scene stealer! that 'redesigned' med shirt was really something! haha! aww, my poor balloon got much attention because unlike the others, it slowly deflated. from balloon shape to a very cute round one then deflated some more to become a disfigured round shape then slowly met its demise as it blew out the air inside it. sniff. sniff. (heavy drama) o, on the brighter side, the banner looked absolutely great! cmon, everybody agrees rayyyyt?!? even the upper imeds, raaayyyyt? sadly, i didn't get to eat anything. i just gulped down a glass of nestea iced tea lite. no ice cream. no pandesal. no lumpia though i doubt if the lumpia would be a 'no pork' one. i didn't bother getting a pack of chips coz they were barbecue flavored and i think a bit spicy or what. as lyle said, no fishballs. waaaahhh! we so looked forward to eating fishballs. hmph. i am going to take up this matter with the dean. kidding!

the movie: bridget jones was funny, entertaining and oh my, do i love hugh grant!! yeah! yeah! yeah! i just found it a little hard to understand some of the things they were saying because of the heavy accent. and somewhere in the middle of the movie, i was really falling asleep. i dunno if it was because that part was dragging and boring or if it was due to my tired physical state. but i recovered and was again enjoying the film. o, and that lesbian girl was pretty and striking and tall and as abe said, she fits our theory. wahaha!

the decorations: by this time, i'm already wasted. i woke up woozy at 5:35 am to be early for the parade and by this time, i'm back to my woozy state. but after some time, i was no longer woozy. i was naturally high. all i did to help was go up and down the msu bldg to carry the vines (cut and not), go look for dried leaves which later, were thrown away after deciding against using them for the belen (they were brought back however), go gold: painted the sides of the letterings with gold poster paint using bare fingers since no brush was available (this, after i put double-sided tape on each and every lettering to be used only to have them replaced with new letterings that were carefully spray painted meaning no more craters made by the paint eating the styro, so i would have to go sit around a corner again and put tape again while quietly singing if the feeling is gone again and again and again. one of the few moments that i am alone and quiet. *wink*)

the zoo lab manual: i finished answering all that i can and made arrangements with others in order to complete my answers. just read between the lines. *evil smile*

the telebabad: first time i ever did with gil. more than one hour i believe. it was past midnight when we hung up. didn't get to study because of it but absolutely no regrets. nada! nada! nada!

the radio: dreamsounds on wave 89.1 was really calling me to sleep so i got ready to go to bed. in just a few minutes, with my radio next to me, i drifted off to wonderland...

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

strappy high heels

I am absolutely in love with my black strappy high heels!!! It was love at first sight, I hereby declare. I was looking for the perfect pair of heels for TRP: sexy, comfortable, dance-able and most importantly, affordable. I lost myself in a sea of strappy high heels at the dept store. I was eyeing all potential pairs. I wanted to try all my prospects at just one time coz I was wearing rubber shoes then and removing and wearing socks over and over again can be very tiring too. I kept on exploring, not minding all the buzz around me. I made sure that I did not miss a single rack. After two or three 'o my, ang cute nito!,' I saw this divine pair: with straps, sexy design, ultra sexy heels! I could faint. I lifted it and gave it the once over and slowly looked at the price, dreading that it was just too much for my self-imposed budget. Miracle of all miracles, I read, 330. Whoa! 330 bucks! this is not just a good buy! it's a super duper mega good buy! but I didn't ask for my size right away. I kept on looking. I took gil to take a look at my top prospect. We took another look at the price and again, miracle of miracles, it was not 330 but 830! silly stupid blind me! it was just too much. i mean, when will i ever wear this pair again?! so i dropped the idea and tried on my other prospects. as fate would have it, my other prospects did not come in the right sizes, some were just not dance-able meaning unstable and well another pair just didn't have the right feel. i went back to the apple of my eyes at that moment, tried on my size and found them really oh so beautiful. i really wanted to buy them but insisted that gil and i try other stores, mendrez, etc. a beautiful pair caught my eye at mendrez. i tried them on but they weren't stable enough for dancing. they made me lean on one side and i know chances of injuring my ankle are so high so i shelved the idea of buying that pair. i ended up depressed because i just couldn't find "it"! the perfect pair. how was i to know that i already did!? *wink* *wink*

i went home with a pair of heels and a big smile. yep, i got the pair that really caught my eyes. cupid's arrow really hit the right spot. good thing there was a discount so it cost only around 620. i asked my mom if they were okay and she approved. i just have to show her these heels. i know she'd flip. and i know for a fact that she'd be raving mad at me when i instead bought a pathetic looking pair that costs only 300. i just know it. well, she's the one who showed the ropes of choosing the perfect heels. *wink* *evil smile*

so now, i have four pairs of high-heeled sandals (more than two inches high with super sexy and thin heels): a silver one - i used during my senior prom and in other occasions, a gold - i used when i was a bridesmaid at a very bongga wedding, a pink - i used when i was part of the cotillion of my friend and now this black - i used first at trp.

i really droooooool at the sight of high heels. if only i could buy them all. i definitely find high heels more catchy and sexy. but i'd still prefer flats for the comfort they provide. but, flats or platforms just don't have that extra oomph! they just don't exude that sexy and confident aura! sigh. women of the corporate world sure are lucky. i mean, you don't expect a doctor wearing high heels while in the OR.

wearing heels has alway been exciting for me. i especially love running in them and treating them as if they're just like flats. i've also tried doing a certain PMT exercise while wearing heels! hihi!

i may not especially like wearing skirts. i'm not even comfortable in them. on the other hand, trying, buying, owning and wearing high heels, the strappy sexy type is just pure bliss.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

from the 22nd to today

nov. 22: hmm, nothing much. the usual school schedule. physics lec now transferred to paz. i wore my new bench shirt, undershirt that is. i plan on making it a part of my uniform. i just love those bench undershirts!!!

nov. 23: woke up at an ungodly hour to attend my pe class. fortunately, the teacher was there. he's a very interesting person, trust me. haha! all that talk about RA and walking was really funny. later (after pe), i got hit in the face (not literally). i really don't wanna remember it anymore so i'm trying very hard not to. but sometimes the incident just pops out of nowhere. fortunately,now, the incident is erased from my short-term memory. whew! met with sts groupmates to do research proposal.

nov. 24: sts - snooooozzze city. when you wake up, you encounter a nightmare. loads of work to do. grrrh. interesting reports but the 3-hr subject is really just too much. heck, my mind is already somewhere else after the first 30-45 minutes. ipc/idc - double triple grrrrrhhh! no more comments needed. i've already exhausted myself regarding this issue. fch - thank goodness dr. cordero is there to save the day. he's really a very good lecturer. he knows how to keep in touch with his students. snaps for him!

nov. 25: no classes due to transport strike. lucky us. decided to watch a movie. contacted everyone available. top choice- alexander -- oops.. alek-san-derr. top choice was also top wrong choice. boring. headache inducer. i was already lost during the early parts. colin was far from being good-looking. after the movie, i honestly wanted to warn those in line but experience is still the best teacher. met with my zoo lec avian gastrulation groupmates. discussed report. produced results, thank heavens! went to msu for xmas decorations. fun. tiring. fun. tiring. again, thanks to joseph and carl for the free snacks. went home wasted yet still smiling.

nov. 26: did business early in the morning to prepare for the trp. searched for the perfect earrings, curling iron, etc. went to zoo lec and was deeply saddened and frustrated (wahahahahaha!) that ma'am co did not arrive. had lunch. fixed my oh-so-loved black heels. went to philam. practice. practice. practice. went home. prepared my digicam for the night's affair. packed some stuff for a sleepover at gil's. went to rob. bought spraynet, hairpins and elastics. prepared for trp (makeup, hair). went to philam at 6:40. almost ran to be on time. trp. enjoyed the opening. missed more or less half of the show in order to prepare for our own presentation. our number went great, they said. i do believe them, haha. hungry, very hungry. had trouble finding place to eat in. decided on a mcdo takeout. went to rob towers' 7th floor with gil, abe, lou, diane and benjo.

nov 27: madaling araw- 7th floor. 2011 was there for pat's surprise debut with benjo and abe as extras. adored the long stemmed red roses. enjoyed the stars, the moon, the wind, the stories. imagined that it were the towers that were moving, not the clouds. called jazel and talked to henry, krista and him on loudspeaker mode. they were not sober, natural high they claimed. they were singing, pretending to be vjs, 'interference. roger. interference.' was almost what always came out of henry's mouth. went up to gil's unit at 2 am. slept at past 3 after a fun girl (diane, gil, lou and me) talk about our secret well-formulated topic. woke up at nine. decided to sleep a little more. woke up at with louren no longer there. bathed. ate. went home. fixed my stuff. declared bankruptcy. haha. recovered from financial crisis. watched national treasure. Loved it so much. Loved diane kruger. Way, way, way better than alek-san-derr..

nov. 28: woke up late. watched showbiz news!! picked up amistad vcd from gil.

nov. 29: 4 am- watched amistad. slept at 7. woke up at 10. stayed in bed for a little while. got up. took a bath. ate. read the phil star. went to rob to find yellow headgear. saw mac cardona. went up to him to have pic taken. strolled some more. ate at pancake haus. he saw gil and me. he waved. gil waved back. pinch me, i must be dreaming. A happy day, it was. Never mind that the sun didn't shine, or that rain somehow managed to soak me even with my super reliable umbrella, or that PFaura was sooo dark and I was scared shit on my way home. Never mind. Never mind. I just smile and remember it all.

and in between all the free time we had, gil and i searched for the perfect plain shirt, black and not, for imed shirt. i am so excited about the imed shirt. yipppppeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 21, 2004


ahhh, people just love surprises! i just think about surprises and the first thing that comes to my mind is a pair of eager and sparkling eyes. sigh. then just now, i gave it more thought. surprises could be classified into three. first: a surprise that is totally and completely unexpected meaning there was not even a single hint that such a thing was about to come. ex. a party with no one giving a slip about a reservation at so and so or someone losing an invitation (and that invitation somehow finds it way to the wrong person - the celebrator!). second: a surprise that is utterly predictable. the clues, signs, omens (omens don't sound good at all!) are everywhere. ex. a gift that was probably carefully chosen after a barrage of questions like, 'umm hi. what's your favorite color? cartoon character?' sheesh. and last: the predictable yet somehow unexpected surprise. ex. a gift from a significant other. when looking at this type from a depressed angle and nonmaterial view (whew!), you learn that what really makes a surprise (or shocking news, happening, event) predictable yet unexpected is DENIAL. you deny that something that happened ever happened at all. it's a denial of the highest type. ex. some b*****d just left you for someone else. predictable when you know from the very beginning that the b*****d is a player. unexpected because you tend to deny everything that has happened. denial. denial. denial = vitriol?! possible.

so what's with all this denial anyway? and what's with me and the suddenly serious thinking and sort of term paper-ish post?!

i received a surprise yesterday. what type? i won't tell. heehee. just see how i am on monday. but then again, i could keep on smiling or maybe act like s*** or fake a depression so, who will ever know?!

and o, this new post after 21 days comes as another surprise...

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

people i saw

i saw a female hs classmate a few days ago and while we were talking, the subject of pregnant batchmates popped out of nowhere. i guess because of thirst for stuff about our batchmates -- my thirst or hers? can't really remember. so there, we exchanged stuff like, 'i saw her after this and that. si ganito naman i've not yet seen. dito ba siya nag-aaral? yakity yakity yak' then my classmate blurted, gusto ko na magkababy! my ears rang. my eyes popped. i was stunned. speechless for a second or so. then i stared at her and i must have looked so stupid because i looked her straight in the eye and my eyes were so big because of what i just heard. she added, 'sana magkababy na kuya ko.' she laughed. i was laughing too. whew. she continued to say babies are really adorable and since her younger sibs are growing up so fast and so tall, she wants to have a little tyke to play with. point well taken and i must say, i agree with her. but more than wanting to have baby sibs or little children playing around the house, i wanna have a kuya. tykes can be annoying at times especially when they mess up with your stuff and end up destroying them. well, a kuya can also become annoying when he'd start teasing you and stuff but still, iw ant to have a big bro to run to, to ask to drive me around, to teach me how to play different sports. there are a lot of things we could enjoy! i guess this is why i've always enjoyed the company of my male friends back in hs. some would even treat me as 'one of the boys.' i don't give a damn though.

the other day, i saw someone whom i never wanted to see again! geee whiz! i went somewhere to pay a bill and the moment i entered, the first person i saw was this person and the first eyes i met were the eyes of this person! and again, my eyes grew large! really large that i think i resembled a tarsier! i sat down at the most comfortable seat, where i could not see this person and this person could not see me. i called my mom, no not to tell her i can't pay the bill because someone annoying is here but to ask what the heck are the procedures in settling the bill because the pesky guard does not give a damn that i entered and went straight to a seat and he just continued talking with this other man. so there, i get up and get a number, as told by my mom. i do this without even daring to look at my right because for sure i'd be seeing the annoying person. i was afraid this person would approach me. heck, if this person did, i'd have been sweating cold because of pure plain kaba. i don't know what i'd be telling this person kasi nga nakakaasar siya. grrrr! buti na lang, my errands and sked for the afternoon were not clear so i had to clear everything with my mom so i went on blabbing with her on the phone. while i was busy with that, this persona non grata walked past me and thank goodness, did not say hi nor hello. whew. breathe. then, i heard my number came up. i hurriedly approached the cashier and settled everything and left without looking back. those few minutes seemed so long, all because of this you-make-my-blood-boil person. guess who.

tapos somewhere, i saw someone na i didn't fully expect to see pero the possibilities were high. just worth mentioning pero no more details. most importantly, i saw my barkada. so happy bout that! case closed.

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brilliance of the moon

finally, i've finished reading the last of the tales of the otori trilogy! yey! hindi ko minadali ang librong ito at minsan, paulit-ulit ko pang binabasa ang ilang paragraph kaya natagalan ako! i finished it around 5:30, or was it 6 am already, ewan! basta, around that time -- UMAGA ha! -- oct. 30. after eating nung umaga, hindi muna ako natulog. i wasn't very sleepy anyway and i can't really sleep very well with a full tummy. i'm so happy at natapos ko na siya! nakakainis lang kasi, kinda hanging siya! and, lord arai's death was slightly anti-climactic but it was a good way of telling readers a lesson naman. sana nga lang sa iba na lang un tapos kay arai, a very bloody battle. as in man vs. man. tipong, madrama pa na takeo would lose his sword but in the end, crawl to it and slice arai's head off. bloody! pero, if it went that way, hindi mabibigyan ng mas malaking impact ung "nature vs. man and nature defeats man" idea.

i can't wait to see the movie. come on, hollywood, bilis-bilisan niyo nga! haha! my mom's almost finished na rin with book 1. i brought home book 2 rin tapos i'm leaving book 3 here para matapos niya tapos i'll try to make her read the confessions of a shopaholic series just to assure her that i am not a shopaholic and very far from being one. hehe.

i'm reading 'the da vinci code.' exciting!

greetings to gil and mark! *wink* *wink* *toothy smile* belated na nga ito e!

i wanna jump from a huge ship or from a helicopter into the sea! ganun sa extra challenge! haha! nagpapakadaring na naman ako dito! it looks easy sa tv pero i know na when i'm already there, as in on the ship or on the helicopter, my knees would start shaking and i'd start thinking of chickening out. pero when i think about it, i think it's way way fun and once in a lifetime lang and super memorable and parang it's a different sense of achievement pag nagawa ko na siya lalo pa't i'm not an expert swimmer and was raised by a dad whose so afraid of heights. hihi. we'll see. we'll see.

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blah blah blah

it's been how many days?! 11 ata! grabe! i didn't miss blogging! haha! i've been kinda busy lately! busy with what -- secret! haha! so nagyon, ang dami kong thoughts na gustong i-share!

first, a few days back, for the first time in my entire existence sa planetang ito, nakakain na ako ng palabok! weeee! yummmmy! hindi sa jollibee ha! someplace else pero to my surprise and delight, sa jollibee dito sa 'min eh pwedeng no pork ang palabok! ang kind talaga! ang jolly spaghetti, no pork din! aba! haller! dapat lang! baka gusto nilang walang kumain dun anoh! pero, kung tutuusin mga 60-70% siguro ng tao dito sa min eh christians so i guess it's more of respect for us muslims..naks!

on my way home one day, may nadaanan akong campaign poster ni lito lapid! hahahaha!!! at hanggang ngayon, hindi ko pa rin lubos maisip kung bakit ganun ang ginawa sa picture niya! haha! sobrang inenhance (root: enhance) wala ngang fine lines ang mukha niya eh kaya nakakatwa kasi nakasmile siya pero there is not even a single crease sa face niya! ugh! at ang hair at bigote niya, mukhang dinrowing (root: draw) lang using a pentel pen. sheeessshh! pero, congrats na rin to his campaign team kasi kahit papano, stand-out ang poster niya. i can't say it's cartoon-like kasi cartoons naman have details sa faces eh.

last sunday, ininvite kami ng tita ko to break the fast sa bahay nila. the occasion: wala lang! basta, dun na raw kumain kasi andito na raw kaming magpipinsan! so, it was like a reunion. i saw my cousins and the younger generation talaga, matatangkad! sniff! sniff! pero sabi ng mom ko, i am somehow tall na rin! that's the spirit! pero talaga, my fifteen-year old female cousin is soooo tall and sooo long! pwedeng-pwede maging model kasi ok din naman ang kanyang posture! she wishes na hindi na raw sana siya tumangkad! that's one thing na wala ata akong karapatan i-wish! haha! share ko lang: kaming mga medyo matatanda na, "kaka" na ang tawag sa mga mas bata. samin kasi, may "kaka" pa sa name kapag nakakatanda so, i'm kaka aya. pero, ngayon, kahit bata, tinatawag namin ng kaka para pantay-pantay. besides, matatangkad naman sila eh!

oct. 27 ata nun, nagtipun-tipon kaming muli sa bahay ng isa ko pang tita. dating headquarters naming magpipinsan yun. dun kami every hapon kapag bakasyon tapos maglalaro ng taguan, sipa tsinelas at basketball, etc. big house tawag namin sa bahay na yun. may small house din, bahay ng tita kong doctor pero hindi namn talaga small bahay nila eh. ewan ko ba bakit small house tawag dun! anyway, sama-sama na naman kaming nagpakabusog! sabi ng isa kong pinsan, mas mabuti pa raw kapag gutom na gutom ka, kasi kumain ka lang, ok na pero pag busog na busog ka, wala ka nang magawa! haha! siya rin ang pinsan kong nagsabi na bakit daw ganon ang buhay, sa simula pinapaasa ka pa kasi lumalaki ka pa tapos pag dating ng panahon, wala na. hindi ka na lumalaki, tumatangkad! hihi! o well...

pumunta ako sa school nung bday ng director cum founder ng school namin. foundation anniv din kasi. nagpresent ang seniors ng chicago! nakakaloka! ang pretty nung gumanap ng role ni catherine zeta jones! kapatid ng kabarkada ko! ang gaganda talaga ng magkakapatid na un! nasalo lahat ng kagandahang ipinamahagi ng langit! ang galing nung presentation! galing ng props! ang class ng bro ko, moulin rouge naman. siya si ewan mcgregor! tapos, kelangan niya ng coat an mahaba, tipong trenchcoat. hiniram namin yung sa pinsan ko, pinuntahan pa sa bahay nila, nataranta ang mga tao dahil wala dun. hiniram daw ng isa ko pang pinsan. hanap. hanap. hanap. pag punta ng mom ko sa closet to get my black winter jacket na may fur fur pa na binili ko lang sa ukay ukay para sa xmas presentation namin noon, SURPRISE! andito lang pala sa bahay! clap! clap! clap! so ayun, sa init ng panahon, velvet ang coat ng kapatid ko. may long sleeves pa sa loob at vest. thankfully, hindi siya nahimatay sa sobrang init at dehydration. he's fasting too eh so walang water. talagang pawis na pawis ang mokong! haha! in fairness, kinareer niya talaga ha! todo sa pag lipsynch! yan ang utol ko! bow! hihi

hindi ako natuloy mag-aral magdrive. sa dec na raw sabi ni daddy. iba ang inaral ko. nagpiano lessons ako uli! yey!

pupunta kami bukas sa bahay ng ama at ina namin (grandparents ko). bibisita kami, especially ako, kasi nga pabalik na ako sa manila sa 3. they are very much alive po. we are not celebrating all saints' day nor all souls' day e.

happy halloween! sana may trick or treating din dito! parang ang saya! tapos nakacostume talaga! haaaaayyy!

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